Changes Coming to ITzetta Catalyst

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

There are some great new changes coming to ITzetta Catalyst. These will be here soon, so we will be able to implement them in sites we build from now on. The two new features that we’re most looking forward to are Liquid Markup and Site Import. Liquid Markup will allow our designs to have much more creative freedom and Site Import will save a lot of time for us (and money for you) if we work on an existing site of yours.

Liquid Markup

Liquid Markup gives us total control over the design of the sites we create. In technical terms, Liquid Markup allows this with unlimited module templates; output markup for object properties; loops; conditionals; new filter, sort, and paginate syntax for modules; as well as other methods.

Here’s what this means practically. In the past, if we had multiple categories of products, all of those categories would have to look the same. With Liquid Markup, each category can have its own unique look, if needed. For example, you could have a category of sale or clearance products that has a different look to set it apart from categories of normally priced items.

Liquid Markup can also be used to customize other sections of websites including:

  • Shopping carts
  • Product displays
  • Web apps
  • Blogs

All the design limitations of Catalyst we had in the past are now gone.

Site Import

Site Import is an extremely useful tool if you have a template or want to switch an existing site over to Catalyst. Previously, we could import a site into Catalyst, but we would manually have to code a template and apply it to every page. With the new changes, Catalyst now does that automatically. This could eliminate up to a few days’ time of coding.

These new features open up many new possibilities for our future designs. They can even be applied to existing sites to improve customer experience. What changes to your site would you want with these new features? Let us know!

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