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Online Marketing Test Case - Rock Bottom Tile & Stone

Elisabeth Windsor - Tuesday, March 13, 2012

This article is just to show you how our online marketing work system has proven results. We’ve been able to successfully market our client’s websites through our effective online marketing work. One example of this is our work for our client, Rock Bottom Tile & Stone.

One way we do online marketing work is through keywords. Here are some examples of different keywords we chose and targeted to boost Rock Bottom Tile & Stone’s presence in Google searches. Before we did any work, Rock Bottom Tile & Stone was not very high on the search results for any of these keywords. Afterwards, we had them all in the top ten.

  • Mini slabs of granite: Started at #12 and moved to #2.2

  • Honed granite tile: Started at #50 and moved to #3.4

  • Mini granite slabs: Started at #35 and moved to #3.6

  • French pattern layout: Started at #12 and moved to #5

  • Mysore black: Started at #16 and moved to #5.1

  • Persink: Started at #16 and moved to #5.9

  • 3D shingles: Started at #30 and moved to #6.2

  • Arandis dream granite: Started at #90 and moved to #6.5

  • Wholesale tile and stone: Started at #150 and moved to #8.1

  • Mini slab granite: Started at #70 and moved to #8.1

  • Mysore black granite: We started at result #50 and moved up to #9.6

As you can see, Rock Bottom Tile & Stone moved up considerably as a result for these keywords. Here’s Rock Bottom Tile & Stone showing up as result #8 for the search term “wholesale tile and stone”. You can’t see it in a screen shot, but go ahead and test it for yourself.

Another big part of our online marketing work is setting up blogs for our clients. Blogs are a great way to pull in more visitors. They provide regular, new content that keeps your site fresh to both your visitors and search engines. It’s important for the blog posts to be relevant to your site’s purpose. Rock Bottom Tile & Stone has a blog that focuses on the uses and benefits of the kinds of tile they offer. These focuses reinforce Rock Bottom Tile & Stone’s credibility by proving they know their stuff and provide relevant information for their potential clients. This helps move them up on the Google search pages. 

We can’t give away our secrets, but these are the results we get. We know what we’re doing and our methods work. If you are interested in having us do online marketing work for your site, go ahead and contact us. Also, feel free to let us know what you think in the comments! 

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